Wordless Wednesday with Several Words


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Last night, Sawyer crawled into Dad Tom’s lap and went to sleep right after this photo was taken. This has never happened previously. Sawyer has been voluntarily curling up next to us at to night to sleep for a very long time. Recently, he has been seeking us out during the day and snuggling. But never has he actually crawled into either of our laps!

I took this second photo while I was writing this post.


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It’s taken a little more than two years, but it seems as if our little whippersnapper has finally decided to trust us and even maybe likes us. Gives Dad Tom and I warm and fuzzy feelings!

I always hate to write or say it out loud, but Monday was two weeks since Sawyer’s last seizure. (Lately, he has been having a seizure every week.) Praying he doesn’t have one prior to you reading this.

Though I have been wordy here, Sawyer is going to join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus.