Caturday Art

Our art is different today. It does not include a cat. We are participating in a special Blog4Peace to show our support for the people, pets and all animals of Ukraine. The United Nation reports that as of March 22, 3.6 million people have left their homes in Ukraine. I cannot imagine being in the situation in which these individuals have been placed. They are and will remain in my prayers.

This special event is being sponsored by Mimi Lenox, who sponsors the annual Blog4Peace each November. You can find more information on the Blog4Peace website. You can enter the link to your Peace post here.


Blog4Peace Ukraine: Graphic including Ukrainian flag, peace sign, heart and Ukranian national flower, the sunflower and quote from Pope Benedict XVI.


If you are participating today, please share the message across all your social media accounts.

This is our art for Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. You can participate in the hop by clicking on her badge.


Thanks for visiting today and offering your support to the citizens of Ukraine.

We will be having our weekly blog hop tomorrow, and Kitties Blue hope you’ll join them here.