Sunday Selfies; Week #493


Tortoise shell cat in a hazy photo surrounded by coloful flowers.


Astrid apologizes for the blurriness of her selfie. Sometimes it is tough for cat photographers to get it just right! Heck, most of the time it is almost impossible for me to get it right.  So I gave her a fancy, colorful border to distract from the haze!

Hopping Time

Astrid would love for you to join her by posting a selfie and joining our blog hop. Hops are always more fun with oodles of participants. And all the Kitties Blue enjoy seeing you adorable facing by today.As a reminder, you don’t need to post today to participate and you have through Thursday to join us.

Thanks for stopping in to see us today.  We wish you an easy Sunday filled with love and cuddles.


Note: I apologize for the size of your selfies. I am not certain what happened, and I cannot see a way to correct it.