Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

It was time last night to pull out our rhyming dictionary once again and see what we could come up with for this week’s poem. We had four prompt words to select from, and this week we actually used one of them. This week’s prompt letter is “S.” The words are 1) Sunny, 2) Shrimp, 3) Shoe and 4) Snuggle.

Here’s our poem.

Anybody Want to Snuggle?


When it’s time for a warm snuggle,
We don’t want to have a struggle
To get ourselves some prime real estate.
Where we can curl up and ruminate—
And maybe get a few good scritches
To ease any annoying itches.
We want to snuggle up really close
To a human who can be our host
For an evening of dreamy pleasure
And maybe a treat for good measure.
But another cat will due in a pinch,
As long as they don’t try to inch
Into a space we’ve claimed as our own.
Mom doesn’t want to hear us hiss or moan.
But if a human becomes available,
We find their snuggles more enjoyable.
So, please excuse us, we must say, “so long.”
Next to our humans is where we belong.

© Kitties Blue 10/18/2017


Misty May and Calista Jo snuggle with Mom and each other.


We know you cannot tell from this photo but Misty May and Calista Jo are not only snuggling with each other but with our mom as well. Sometimes to get Mom and Dad snuggles, we have to share.

We are purrticipating in Teddy and Angel Sammy’s poetry day at Two Spoiled Cats, as we do each week. We encourage you to write a poem and join in the fun. Next week’s prompt letter will be “T.” You can find the prompt words on their blog as well as links to other poems by clicking on the their badge.

Thankful Thursday

We bet you can guess what Kitties Blue are thankful for this week. That’s right…snuggles. As the temperatures go down, the competition to snuggle with a human will become fierce. That’s when more kitty-kitty snuggling will become necessary. Until then, it is every cat for him or herself.

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Tomorrow is a big day in the blogosphere. It’s the day we all show off our “tocks.” We know many of you have been “showing-off” all month, but we have been keeping our tocks under wraps until tomorrow. No hints on which of us will be purrticipating. You’ll just have to drop by to see. Until then…

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy