Sunday Selfies: Week #408


alluring Lisbeth: framed selfie of a tuxedo cat


Yesterday, I mentioned I was hoping to convince Lisbeth to be your host today. When I asked her, it turned out she was amenable to the suggestion. But with one caveat: She was not leaving the cat tree to do it. That wasn’t a problem for me and obviously not for her. She took a terrific selfie.

Lisbeth invites you to join her on our Sunday Selfies blog hop. The more quickly you get your selfie snapped, the more time you’ll have for a nice, easy Sunday. Nonetheless, if you cannot join Lisbeth today, she’ll be right here waiting for you through Thursday.

On behalf of all the Kitties Blue and me, Lisbeth thanks you for your following, support and friendship. The fact that this hop has been going on every Sunday for nearly eight years seems impossible. Thank you for making it happen!