Wordy Wednesday

Unbelievably, Kitties Blue have yet another celebration on their paws. Today is Raleigh and Audrey’s first Gotcha Day. They came to reside with us on a rainy afternoon one year ago. I took them in as a favor to a friend, and really had no intention of having them become members of the family. At the time, we called them Kitten #1 and Kitten #2.


A ginger tabby kitten and a torbie kitten wrapped in a colorful towel on their gotcha day.


Within 48 hours they had been to the vet and had received names. They officially became Kitties Blue.

Here they are today.


Youngest Kitties Blue (a torbie cat and a ginger tabby cat) celebrate their 1st gotcha day.


They are as different as day and night, as I have explained in many other posts. While Audrey is gregarious, Raleigh continues to be standoffish; though, he has allowed Dad Tom to pet him some recently.

Cat Writer's Association Certificate of Excellence for the youngest Kitties Blue on their Gotcha Day.In addition to this being the kittens Gotcha Day, they wanted me to let you know that Stinky & Periwinkle are not the only kitties who received a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association. They received theirs in the Photography (Series) category for the post, “Vet Visit Aftermath.”

Time to Party

Cooper Murphy whipped up two cakes for the celebrants.


Youngest Kitties Blue Gotcha Day cake is face of a ginger cat.Youngest Kitties Blue Gotcha Day cake resembles a reclining torbie cat.










Today, we are serving lemonade, as Audrey and Raleigh are too young to indulge in stronger libations, and a seafood buffet. Please help yourselves and enjoy.









Though we have been very wordy today, Audrey and Raleigh will be joining the Wordless Wednesday bog hop at Comedy Plus. To participate, click on the WW badge.

Thanks for joining us today.