Thankful Thursday

Last Thursday, I mentioned I was thankful for completing the marker for Giulietta’s grave. I also said I would share a photo when I had it in place. So, here it is.


A decoration made from old glass plates and bowls as well as faux gemstones.


I have shared similar photos with you before. The decoration is created from old glass I buy at the Goodwill and consignment shops.

I have been trying to complete a project each day. Sometimes, however, a particular project will take more than a day, as the one in the following photos.


A collage of three different cats helping to refurbish an old cat tree.


I am thankful for all the help I had with this project as well as Kizmet’s approval of the refurbished tree. The bottom cubby has some areas where the rattan is missing, but it is still serviceable. And I could never give or throw it away. That cubby was always Giulietta and Fiona’s favorite place to hang out. Giulietta spent even more time there after Fiona passed away.

You can see Giulietta in the cubby on the post, “Sunday Selfies Fifth Anniversary,” from August 17, 2019, as well as on the post, “Giulietta’s Gigantic, Floofy Feet,” from July 9, 2018.

My next project will depend on the weather.

I am also thankful for being the only First Commenter on the Two Spoiled Cats’ Tuesday Teaser.

Finally Kitties Blue and I are thankful for all of you who follow and support us and are our friends.

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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday 

Normally I would have a poem for you today based on an inspirational photo provided by Two Spoiled Cats. However, Cooper Murphy asked if he could write the poem. That’s another thing for which I am thankful, but he hasn’t finished it. Right now, he is sort of stuck, but he has promised to finish it today and share it with you on Friday. We both hope that will be okay with Angel Sammy, Teddy and all of you. 

You can still pop over to Two Spoiled Cats to read Angel Sammy’s poem. Just click on the poetry badge.

And Cooper Murphy and I certainly hope you’ll return here tomorrow to read his poem.