1-SCAN0037Once upon a time I wished for a black and white cat. It wasn’t until years later that I found out these felines are called tuxedo cats.

Unlike most wishes that never come true, this one did. Suddenly kittens appeared in our drive way. However, when we approached them, they disappeared. After some investigation, we discovered an entire litter of kittens in the engine compartment of my car. Eventually we were able to extract all four of these babies and temporarily transfer them to the bed of Tom’s truck. All were black and white, and one had long hair. One of the kittens was adopted by a neighbor, another by a friend of a friend and another by the grandparents of a friend.

1-SCAN0035That long-haired kitty became Daphne and joined our other two kitties, Skooter and Steamer. As you can see she grew into a luxuriously floofy cat. She spent her entire life with us from 1991 until she went to the Bridge in 2010.









I offer this as a little background information to go with these photos. Daphne’s story and that of additional litters that followed will be covered at another time.