Previously Mom has written about and shown photos of me in her lap. Lily Olivia and I actually compete for that prized position. Whoever arrives first has dibs and squatters rights. We never share—calico cooties, you know! Only Mauricio and I try to pile on together!

As Lily goes outside and I usually shun the catio (for fear of running into one of my fursibs), I get more than my fair share of lap time. Just as it should be! Don’t you think? I normally begin with a four-pawed, power knead accompanied by my power purr before settling for a nap.

If I am not feeling napish, I will perform the nose-nudge under Mom’s hand until she pets and loves on me. She always says that my head smells like stinky goodness. It’s true. I like to stick my head in the can to retrieve remaining morsels. MOL!

Since today is Tortie Tuesday, I wanted to share some recent photos of me. I have no idea why I was awake and just sitting quietly. One thing I do know: I am damn cute! Enjoy and squeeeee if you like.


squatters rightssquatters rightssquatters rights


Purrs and paw-pats (with a googolplexian of kisses for Sampy), Astrid