The tortie is Astrid, but the plus one is not that dumb scorpion. (More on that later.) The plus one is Giulietta.

I have been telling you how tortie Astrid is becoming less timid, and how she has even been going out on the catio some. Today, she spent nearly four hours there and had Giulietta as a companion for part of that time. The two of them even cooperated when I grabbed Tom’s phone for some photos.

Giulietta and Astrid keeping their eyes on the bird feeder.

Giulietta and Astrid keeping their eyes on the bird feeder.


Giulietta looks as if she is surprised to see Astrid on the cat tree.

Giulietta notices Astrid on “her” cat tree.


Giulietta and Astrid Catio 3

Giulietta thinks if she stares hard enough at her, Astrid will get the hint and leave.


Stare down time.

Stare down time.


Giulietta gives up and turns her back on Astrid.

Giulietta gives up and turns away.


I attribute much of Astrid’s change in behavior to having the love of a good cat. Thank you Cat Scout Sampson from Kitty Cat Chronicles for helping Astrid regain confidence.


So as promised, here’s the update. It has been one month since the sting on May 10.

The vascular surgeon was “pleasantly surprised” to see how much the wound on my ankle had healed. He gave me the okay to start biking. I am so deconditioned and my quads are so flabby, I hope I can make it around the block. Tom says we can start with 20 miles.

Swimming is still from two to four weeks away. The wound must be totally closed.

This discoloration of the skin (due to necrosis) in the ankle area may or may not go away. I already have lots of scars on my foot, ankle and leg from surgeries, so I don’t really care about that.

I return to the doctor in three weeks.

Catnip Quilt

So y’all have guilted me into letting the kitties have a catnip quilt. Notice I said “a” and not “the.” I really want the BlogPaws one as a memento and am going to order one just for them. They will be able to fur and tear it up to their little, furry hearts’ content.

See you all tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.