Our first kitty, Skooter, was the first to occupy the bowl.

…is actually an antique dough bowl. Through the quarter of a century that we have owned it, it has been occupied by a variety of things, including fruit, mail and placemats. Tom does bake bread from scratch but has never used it for its intended purpose. It was commandeered early on by the cats as a prime locale for napping.

Lily Snoozing

Sometime in the past we started calling it Lily’s bowl as she has claimed it as her own. Since joining our clan in September of ’11, Astrid has taken to sneaking into the bowl when Lily Olivia isn’t around. She’s the first kitty brave enough to take up this spot since Lily claimed the bowl. But at 13 years old our crazy calico has mellowed a tad and only a few disagreements have arisen over which of the two “owns” this space.

Astrid defiantly occupying “Lily’s” bowl.

The bowl currently is located in front of a window that provides the perfect spot in the kitchen from which to watch the dogs and cats living next door as well as birds, bees and butterflies.

All the gang has a bad reputation with bowls; and though, I refuse to name names, Tom’s favorite bowl for making biscuits was pushed off the counter and a giant antique, yellow-ware bowl weighing nearly as much as any of the pusses was nudged to its demise.

Steamer, our second kitty, is forced to share the bowl with mail; thus, the grumpy face!

They have a variety of attractive ceramic bowls for dry food and water as these remain on the floor. Until I purchased pet-bowl-specific placemats, Fiona and Giulietta would drag and nose them around the floor if they weren’t filled to capacity. The only one who has broken any of these is this clumsy human. Their canned Friskies, however, is served in cheap, white, nearly indestructible Corelle bowls as these are kicked, nosed and shoved around the tile floor as the kids jockey for position and try to steal each other’s portion. They’d be just as happy if we threw this goop on the floor, which has happened unintentionally more than a few times.

When I first thought of writing this post, I had forgotten—my memory often has as many holes as Swiss cheese—that this dough bowl had been occupied by a variety of kitties prior to Lily as evidenced by the included photos. I feel certain that as new cats join the clan, some will find this cat-comfortable resting place.