Flying High

Stinky had been searching on-line to find an idea for Periwinkle and his weekly adventure. With all recreation areas closed, he had no idea what they could do. He knew he didn’t want to spend another day coloring.

When he finally came up with an idea and checked to see if the adventure was possible, it was nearly time for Periwinkle to arrive.  So, Stinky gave himself a quick bath and then headed for the teleportation tunnel. 

Moments later, Stinky heard that familiar whoosh, and Periwinkle flew out of the tunnel right into his open arms. After some big hugs and whisker kisses, Periwinkle started quizzing Stinky about why she had to arrive at his house before it was even light out and what his plans were for them.

“Well, Periwinkle, I’ll admit it is becoming more difficult to find something for us to do. Absolutely everything around here is closed up tight because of that coronavirus,” said Stinky. He added, “And, of course, our adventure is a surprise.”

Periwinkle pouted a little hoping Stinky would give her a hint about their adventure. When he didn’t, she said “Wow, it is so sad that our humans are having to deal with this, especially in the spring when everyone is anxious to go outside and have some fun.”

“I did find a human who is willing to help us with our adventure, as others will not be involved,” Stinky told Periwinkle. He continued, “He should be here very soon to pick us up. Let’s go wait on the front porch.”



Stinky’s mom followed them to the porch so she could meet and talk to the person helping them with their adventure. Satisfied with his credentials, she helped the tabbies into his truck and waved good-bye.

It took about 20 minutes to get to the destination where their adventure would begin. To pass the time the tabbies held paws and chatted about what they’d been doing the past week.  

As they got out of the truck, Periwinkle saw what was awaiting them, and her eyes opened wide. She started jumping up and down, then grabbed Stinky’s paw and started running forward.

Their driver helped them on board and then followed them. He untied the tie-down ropes and they rose into the air.



“Oh Stinky, this is gorgeous. What a wonderful idea. Now I know why we had to start out so early…so we could see the sunrise,” exclaimed Periwinkle.



“I am sorry it is a foggy morning with lots of clouds, but so happy the super strong winds and heavy rain we have been having died down enough for us to do this,” Stinky told Periwinkle.

“Me too,” she replied.



As the tabbies continued to float and enjoy the scenery, Periwinkle asked Stinky where they were. He explained that they were viewing the Blue Ridge Mountains.



After a bit more sightseeing, Stinky and Periwinkle were told they would be landing soon. They were disappointed but also hungry so didn’t mind too much.

When the tabbies returned to Stinky’s house, Stinky’s Mom fed them lunch and they hung out on the catio with Cooper Murphy and Calista Jo for a while.



Finally it was time for Periwinkle to return home. After lots of paw hugs and whisker kisses, she reluctantly entered the teleportation tunnel. With a final wave, Periwinkle was gone, and the tabbies were left to miss each other until next week.

The End

Note: All photos, including the hot air balloon, were taken by Dad Tom.