Stinky is busy gathering supplies for today’s “adventure” when he hears rumbling from the teleportation tunnel and scampers to the foyer to catch Periwinkle as she tumbles out with the familiar whoosh. She is giggling and throws her paws around Stinky’s neck. She gives him a big whisker kiss and, as usual, asks, “What is the plan for today’s adventure?”

“I hope you won’t be disappointed, but we are staying right here. It is so dang hot, I really don’t feel like going anywhere,” Stinky replies.

“Are we just going to hang out on the catio?”

“Nope, I do have a project for us. We are going to make something for our moms.”

“Cool, what is it?”

All American Pet Photo Day

Stinky explains that today is All American Pet Photo Day, and since they are all-American cats, he wants to make some scrapbook pages for their moms with some of their favorite photos of themselves and their alter egos, Noelle and Sawyer. Stinky tells Periwinkle, “I know my mom posted some scrapbook pages previously, but it was two years ago when I was on my walkabout. So I know we have lots of other photos from more recent adventures.”

Periwinkle treplies, “I think that is a great idea for such a hot day. Let’s get to work.”

“Thanks for understanding. You can use my mom’s laptop to select photos you want to use, and I will use the iPad. I have them set up on the kitchen island.”

Periwinkle and Stinky head to the kitchen and get busy selecting photos and creating their scrapbook pages. They chatter as they work, telling each other about their week.

Scrapbook Pages

When they each have finished three pages, the tabbies take turns sharing with each other. Stinky lets Periwinkle go first.


Scrapbook page with multiple photos of cartoon tabby cats.


“That is really pretty, Periwinkle, and I your photo selections are purrfect,” exclaims Stinky. “Now it’s my turn.”


Scrapbook page with multiple photos of two cartoon tabby cats and two actual, grey tabby cats.


“Stinky, I love that you included Noelle and Sawyer. And that Tortola adventure is one of my very favorites. I’ve included a photo from it on my next page. I also included Sawyer and Noelle.”


Scrapbook page with multiple photos of two cartoon tabby cats as well as two live chickens, two actual tabby cats and an hot air balloon.


“Very nice, Noelle. Here’s my second page.”


Scrapbook page with two cartoon tabby cats as well as four actual tabby cats and a cat made of legos.


“Oh goody, you included Raleigh and Audrey. We sure have had a lot of fun adventures, Stinky, but I always loved visiting with the kittens. It is hard to believe their Gotcha Day is in just a couple of weeks. Here’s my last page.”


Scrapbook page with multiple photos of two cartoon tabby cats, two actual (grey) tabby cats and a Cheshire Cat created from flowers at Disney World.


“That was so nice of you to include a photo of us in Mau and Allie’s garden. I know our moms will really like that,” Stinky tells Periwinkle. I have my final page to share.”



Scrapbook page with multiple photos of two cartoon tabby cats and antique car, dinosaur eggs and six real cats.


“What wonderful times we have had together, Stinky. I know I am looking forward to lots more adventures. I think this was purrfect for All American Pet Photo Day. Is it time for a snack?”

“Yep. Let me clear off the island.”


Two cartoon tabby cats having cat treats at a kitchen counter.


“Excellent selections. When we finish, we can share some with your fursibs.”

After their snack, Periwinkle and Stinky take treats to the catio to share, and Periwinkle visits with Stinky’s family. Unfortunately, after that, it is time for Periwinkle to head home. The two tabbies spend a very long time paw hugging and whisker kissing before Periwinkle enters the teleportation tunnel. As she enters, the two blow each other a kiss, and she is gone in a whoosh.

The End

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