Thankful Thursday

Wowie-zowie! For the second week in a row, our mom was the First Right Guesser on the Two Spoiled Cats’ Tuesday Teaser. She rarely knows the locale and is so seldom first to identify it that we think this is a pretty big deal. She won another of these cool badges.

If you missed yesterday’s post, click on the link at the bottom of this page, as that post has a direct correlation to this one. On Monday, Sawyer had a seizure. Of course, none of us are thankful for that, but we are thankful this was the first one in 25 days! He hasn’t had such a long spell of being seizure free since he began having them. We all wish he’d never have another, but knowing that isn’t going to happen, we are super thankful whenever he has these long breaks.

We are extremely thankful for everyone who has taken an interest in Sawyer and continues to pray, purr and send POTP.

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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

On Thursday, in addition to being thankful, we like to share a poem written to accompany an inspiration photo provided by Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats.

Here’s the photo for today and the poem our mom wrote.



Dance Party

Dancing once was a popular pastime.
It was a simpler era when young
People communicated face to face,
Interacted by holding hands,
Jiving and swaying to the music.

I loved dancing when I was young—
practiced with the door frame all the time,
exercising my body as well as my mind
Not just my thumbs with eyes cast down
Attention on only Snapchat or Instagram.

Young people seemed happier then,
Not killing each other at school
Or committing suicide for cyber bullying;
Played sports and watched Bandstand,
Didn’t hide in their rooms writing manifestos.

But that describes a few, not the many,
And it’s not because they don’t dance.
Society is constantly changing.
Sometimes life and humankind get better,
But sometimes a wrong turn is made.

Today’s youth are filled with stress and insecurities
About our planet, their culture and classmates.
Dancing seems frivolous and pointless,
But I wish they knew the happiness and delight
I enjoyed in my youth when on the dance floor.

Janet Buickerood Blue – 11/20/2019

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Thanks for visiting us today.

Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer