National Moment of Remembrance


In 1996 No Greater Love, an humanitarian organization based in Washington, D.C., established the National Moment of Remembrance. After questioning school children about the meaning of Memorial Day and finding they were totally unaware of it’s purpose, No Greater Love hoped to raise public awareness of America’s heroes and their valor. The idea clicked with President Bill Clinton and Congress. Since 1997, it has become a standard American tradition. National Moment of Remembrance requires everybody to be silent for a minute, exactly at 3.00 pm (local time), and reflect on the glory of those who have died in service to our country.

Calista Jo, after spending her holiday watching birdie T.V. on the catio, decided to extend her minute of silence into an afternoon snooze in a sunpuddle. Her paw and the base of the catio’s cat condo/tree became her pillow.


C.J. Takes National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day holiday seriously.


How ever you spent your holiday yesterday, we pray that you took a moment to remember and honor those Americans who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

We pray for and thank all of those currently serving our country.