Flat cat


Flat cats are nothing new among traveling pet bloggers. But now flat versions of Cat Scouts are traveling worldwide. So far only one Scout has visited Kitties Blue, but it was a most important Scout—Lisbeth’s boyfriend Charles. We have shared a few photos of him previously when Lisbeth opened the birthday gifts he sent for Astrid’s and her birthday. If you missed that post, My Boyfriend is Better than Your Boyfriend, you can see it here.

Many Scouts are doing fun and exciting things on their visits, but Lisbeth didn’t want to let Charles out of her sight. The most exciting thing he got to do was try out the new cat tree/condo on the catio. That was just about the only time they weren’t together. You can see a couple of other times (when he met Fiona and then Giullieta) in the collage below.




Though Charles visited as part of Cat Scouts, and he and Mauricio are great friends as well as troop and patrol mates at Scouts, Mau was not a good host. In the upper right photo, Mauricio is watching Lisbeth as she stares at Charles. That’s as nice as it got. When I tried to photograph them together, Mau kept knocking Charles over and even attempted to take a big bite out of him. (Definitely not good Cat Scout behavior on Mauricios part!) If it looks as though they are sharing the cat tree amicably, they are…but only because Mau is a flat cat in that photo as well. (The only reason Calista Jo is sharing the tree is because Charles and Mauricio are faux felines!)

Mauricio has not been visiting any of his Scout friends as yet. He will visit with the Worldwide Wildcat Troop Leader, Sammy Kimmell (onespoiledcat), beginning on Monday. From there he will begin his travels to visit some other Scouts. He wants those visits to be surprises so he’s not letting me share his itinerary here.

If you are following Charles’ adventures, you’ll be able to find him next at 15 and Meowing visiting Scout Sammy Pilch.

If you think all this traveling sounds like fun, you might want to join Cat Scouts. It’s just one of a variety of activities you can enjoy when you are a Scout. If you join now, you can participate in the Cat Scout Annual Carnival this weekend.

We all thank Charles for visiting and being such an excellent house guest. Lisbeth is heartbroken that he had to leave but thankful for all the wonderful memories. He is welcome to return anytime.

[Today we offer purrs and prayers to all the families, friends and colleagues of those who lost their lives on 9/11. They remain in our hearts always as do those who survived the collapse of the towers and attack on The Pentagon.]