So we had a few comments yesterday about our site looking different. Well that was a H – U – G – E understatement. Our huge may not be as big as Trump’s, but it was pretty gigantic. You know…like the elephant in the room.

I have no idea what happened. I have been working on cleaning up the sidebar, which should not have changed the overall look of the site. When I closed the laptop before dinner everything looked fine. When I reopened it after dinner…whamo, bammo everything was falling off the right side of the page, the sidebar had totally disappeared and the menu bar was six-inches tall.

Immediate panic call made to my site builder. Got voicemail, OF COURSE! Came back to site and presto, chango things were back to normal.

So wasn’t that fun. Don’t ask me what happened. I do NOT know. I know that the photo of the squirrel and Miss Lisbeth were still visible, so I thank those of you who made comments in spite of our mess.

As we all know, our fur babies like to help us. I could blame everything on one of the Kitties Blue, but the laptop wasn’t even open when the craziness happened. And April Fool’s Day has passed. I didn’t check my horoscope, but obviously my moon was in the wrong house or some such nonsense. MOUSES!

Anyhoo, as I type, everything looks normal. Will it remain that way, or will the ghost in the machine reappear? Only the computer gremlins know. So please keep your paws crossed that whatever went kablooey has magically healed itself. If not, we all may be in for more surprises!

Now for a gratuitous kitty picture. After all that’s what this site is about.



Calista Jo wonders what all the fuss is about on the site.