Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


a sunpuddle cuddle for Giulietta and Fiona


It so warmed my heart when Dad Tom showed me this photo he’d taken of Giulietta and Fiona a couple of days ago. The temps were a bit warmer and the girls found a sunpuddle to have a cuddle together on the deck above the catio. As stated in previous posts, these once inseparable sisters have not been spending much time together since Fiona became ill. I did, however, find them snuggled together on the hall rug a short time ago.

I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. It was taken through a window so as not to disturb the ladies.

Tomorrow is Fiona’s vet appointment. She hasn’t had the best week (another reason I was happy to see her with Giulietta). I will be quite surprised if she’s maintained her weight this week.

She’ll give you an update later in the week.

Come Fly With Me

Have you heard about the fun blog hop taking place this Friday, December 2, to honor our pal, Sammy (onespoiledcat)? If not check out the information below.



As you know, Sammy is the host of the ever popular Tuesday Teaser. But instead of  Sammy trying to tease us, everyone who wants to participate needs to select someplace in their city, state, country they think Sammy might like to visit. Just include a photo of the location with a description and add your link to the hop at Dory’s Backyard.

The badge above gives you all the info you need. And, if you want to post prior to Friday, the link is already open HERE.

And don’t forget to send Sammy some extra purrs and prayers. His health issues and age are catching up with him, and he needs all the POTP we can muster to give him a happy Christmas and 17th birthday on January 1.



We love you Sammy!