Sunday Selfies: Week #120


Lisbeth's wrapped in love selfie.


Other than my zombie eyes, I think this selfie came out really well. I took it while I was in the Sleepypod in a kitchen sunpuddle. I hope my eyes don’t frighten you or my boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles. This photo is especially for him and wrapped in my love. I tried to get in the promise ring he gave me, which is on my collar, but it doesn’t show. Phooey!

Before asking you to add your selfie, I promised Mom that I’d request you to purr and pray for Annie’s (McGuffy’s Reader) kitty, Chloe Jo. She’s always had health issues, but now has some new and potentially serious ones. She will visit the vet on Monday. (She and sister, Grizelda, just celebrated their sixth birthdays on the 25th.)


chloe jo - love


Cat4-001Now it is your turn to add your selfie to our blog hop. The link is below. You can snag the code below to add the hop to your blog post if you’d like. Please link back to us and/or display our badge on that post if you don’t mind. Also, please try to visit some of your fellow hoppers and say, “meow” or “woof” or whatever greeting is appropriate.

Finally, on behalf of Fiona I’d like to thank everyone for their purrs, prayers, POTP and well wishes you left her recently. Thanks as well for all the Thanksgiving well wishes. We are grateful for everyone’s friendship and support.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth with love and kisses for Charles