Caturday Art

I created today’s art using a photo of Sawyer taken last Christmas Eve. You may recognize the photo from a Sparks post. Three days previous to it being taken, Sawyer had a seizure that wouldn’t stop. He spent a couple of days at the emergency vet, so we were really happy to have him back home to celebrate with us.



I used the Teddy Bear filter from Painnt and added the snowflakes with Ribbet. The white vignette edge was added with Picasa.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow being the last Sunday before Christmas, your host undoubtedly will be here with some type of festive selfie. Kitties Blue invite you to do the same if you like. We know that everyone is very busy with last-minute Christmas preparations, but we are hoping you’ll take a few minutes to join our hop.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.