Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

This is the picture Teddy and Angel Sammy’s mom, Pam, from Two Spoiled Cats, posted as the prompt for today’s poem.



This is an inspiring photo, but I debated on whether or not to even write a poem today or simply drape this page in black. The school shooting in Florida yesterday placed a pall on what should have been a day of love, friendship and happiness. Though I cannot begin to comprehend what the survivors and families impacted by yesterday’s event are experiencing, I decided to write about the sad and senseless shootings, which have become too prevalent in today’s culture.

Pain and Loss

 Another insane act of violence
Turned a traditional day of love
Into one of hate and senseless killing.
Our civilization is unraveling.
Acceptance of one’s personal failings
And ability to manage petty grievances
Just does not exist for some people.
They place blame on the innocent
Then end, change and ruin lives forever.
My heart aches for those who died today
And for those who lost someone today.
Valentine’s Day forever will evoke
Feelings of pain and loss for parents,
Who will never again see their child,
Or delight in their growth and accomplishments.
May they find some comfort in knowing
Those compassionate people of the world
Grieve with them and send love and prayers.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 02/14/2018

I apologize to Teddy, Pam and Angel Sammy for such a sad contribution to poetry day. I do think they will understand.

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Thankful Thursday

It does become increasingly difficult to be thankful, but we are exceedingly grateful to all those who left us Valentine greetings yesterday. We will visit you today. Mom says she is truly thankful that she grew up at a time when the worst thing happening in schools were kids smoking in the bathroom.

We cherish each and everyone of our friends and pray that none were personally touched by yesterday’s violence.

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