Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thursday is our day here at The Cat on My Head for poetry. I participate (sometimes with the help of Kitties Blue) in the poetry challenge hosted by Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats. They provide an inspiration photo, and participants provide a poem. This being a blog about cats, I have been trying to add one or more of the Kitties Blue to the inspiration photo. Unfortunately, this has not been possible the past few weeks and wasn’t again this week.

Nonetheless, I do have a poem, entitled, “Party Pooper.”


party pooper poem photo: groom sleeping on bride's shoulder while she drinks coffee and talks to guests.



His bride’s the life of the party,
Entertaining their wedding guests.
He’s the one who needs that coffee
Or instead a good long rest.
Why is the groom sleep deprived?
Did bachelor pals keep him up all night?
Perhaps he still can be revived
By a kiss from his beautiful bride.
And they can begin their honeymoon.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 08/31/2022

If you’d like to try some poetry check out Two Spoiled Cats for next week’s inspiration photo. You can get there by clicking on the poetry badge. When visiting, please read Angel Sammy’s poem. He is one of our favorite poets.

Thankful Thursday

Sharing the things for which we are thankful is another Thursday tradition. This week we have several items on our list. Sawyer is up first.

⭐️ Sawyer is thankful that after having a seizure every seven days for the past three weeks, he has made it to day eight without one. He has his paws crossed that this streak will continue.

⭐️ Dad Tom and I are thankful we have finally devised a way to keep Audrey and Raleigh from under the bed. After not getting Raleigh out until about 11 p.m. Tuesday night, I stayed awake for quite a while trying to think of a method of closing off access. The photo below shows the unattractive, makeshift solution. Audrey still managed to get UTB two more times, until I got all the overlaps taped shut.


photo of cardboard taped to bottom of bed


⭐️ I am thankful that after “blowing out” my knee on Saturday and an early morning trip to the E.R. on Sunday morning that I am starting to get around a little better. I have ditched my wheelchair in favor of my walker, and while still in pain and on pain meds, I am able to stand on that leg as long as I keep most of my weight on the opposite leg. Along with that, I am thankful I had completed my minimum goal of 200 miles per month for August on the Peloton prior to messing up my knee.

⭐️ Stinky is thankful that Periwinkle enjoyed their 150th adventure on Tuesday. They spent it playing with the kittens. if you missed it and would like to see lots of adorable kitten photos, check out the post, “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky: Part CL.”

You can find more cute kitten photos as well as a video on Instagram. Just click on the mouse on the sidebar with the Instagram symbol.

Brian hosts the Thankful Thursday blog hop. If you’d like to participate, enter the URL from Brian’s blog in your browser.


Thanks for joining us today. We are always thankful for your support, following and friendship!