Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

As we do every Thursday, we are joining Angel Sammy and Teddy from Two Spoiled Cats for their day of poetry. This week’s prompt letter is “M.” The four words suggested as topics are: 1) Marvelous, 2) Mom, 3) Mud and 4) Meow. It was a difficult choice, but we decided on mom. We must warn you, however, that our poem may not be what you’d expect.

Our Mom the Slacker

We wish the word nice described our mom,
But we can tell you that would be buncombe.
She could be if she’d give us more treats
Or something nommy off her plate to eat.

She doesn’t bring us visiting nearly enough.
She claims her time is filled with other stuff.
But we know that’s only a lame excuse,
So she can get away with this dastardly kitty abuse.

Nothing is more important than doing our bidding.
If she thinks otherwise, she is only kidding
Herself but definitely never these Kitties Blue.
We know when our mom is not telling true.

Anything that isn’t all about us,
Is just a lot of bother and fuss.
A mom should give 100 percent for her cats.
That’s just how it is; it’s a matter of fact.

What we want are lots and lots of scritches
And oodles of lap time without her bitches.
Of snuggles and cuddles we deserve lots more
And extra toys so we don’t become bored.

We think it might be time to go on strike,
Unless she begins doing exactly what we like—
Filling our bowls to the top with fresh fishes
And letting us lick all the human dishes.

We also want to stay on the catio 24/7,
As that would be our idea of total heaven.
But we suspect nothing will change,
And for a new mom we’ll need to arrange.

© Kitties Blue 09/06/2017

We hope everyone knows that we are just joking. Both our mom and dad are terrific, and we are all spoiled. But what cat couldn’t use more love and treats and toys!

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Thankful Thursday 

Today, Kitties Blue are giving thanks for our terrific humans who care for and love us.


Mom Janet and Dad Tom


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Prayers Please

We are not thankful, however, for is this new hurricane heading directly for Florida. Mom and Dad have personal friends in Florida, and we have lots of blogging friends there. We are especially worried for Mom Sharon and Allie and Raz (Friends Furever). Dad Bill remains in the hospital where he is safe; though, he still needs your healing prayers.

Please pray for everyone in Florida that they remain unharmed. It is our fervent wish that Irma weakens before reaching Florida and veers away out into the Atlantic far enough not to impact anyone living on the east coast.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy