Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

This week’s poem was not easy to write. It is now the third poem in a series about Angel Fiona. The first was “You,” written the day before she got her wings. The second poem was “Yesterday,” written six-months later. Today’s poem comes one-year (tomorrow) since she flew to the Bridge. Each of these milestones has fallen when the week’s prompt letter as been, “Y.” Because of that, this poem is entitled “One Year Missing You.” “Year” also is one of the suggest prompt words. The others are: 1) Yesterday, 2) Yummy and 3) Yellow.

You can read the first two poems in the series on the sidebar. This poem will be added to those on Friday.

One Year Missing You

One year has passed since you flew away,
And I still think of you everyday.
I see your sweet face in my mind’s eye
And wish we’d never had to say good-bye.
It’s nice you’ve sent us kitties needing a family,
But my dearest love, we are now at capacity.
You thought it would take more than one cat
To take your place in our habitat.
We love Cooper Murphy and baby Sawyer dearly
But thinking either could replace you makes me teary.
You were one-of-a-kind and will stay in my heart
Until the day I join you and we’re no longer apart.
When once again I can hold you in my arms
And revel in all your love and feline charms.
Together with you and all who have passed.
I will spend eternity contemplating how blessed
I was to share my life with my furry children,
Each and every one of you one-in-a billion.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 11/30/2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is the creation of now angel Sammy, who passed last year, the day after Fiona. Each Thursday he transmits his poem from the Bridge. He is a masterful poet, and you really need to visit Two Spoiled Cats each Thursday to read his thoughtful and inspired verse. You also will find links to other poems in the comments section. To visit, click on his badge.


Sammy also presented Fiona with this badge for looking out for and finding a home for Cooper Murphy and Sawyer with her family. He has, however, promised to keep her in check in the future. Thank you, Sammy!



Sammy has been exceptionally busy lately, as he also made this welcome badge for Sawyer.



Thankful Thursday

We have so much for which to be thankful this week. First off, Cooper Murphy is thankful that the mouse from yesterday’s post was dumb enough to return to the catio. This time he deaded it.

All of us are grateful we had the opportunity to take Sawyer off the streets and give him a home for the holidays and all the years to come.

Finally, we are thankful to have such a great friend as Angel Sammy as well as his little brother, Teddy.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by Brian’s Home. To join in, click on his badge.