naughty or nice


So what’s the verdict? Do you think the kitty who perpetrated this act of nip liberation was being naughty or nice? We suspect the votes are going to come down evenly with humans on the naughty side and kitties on the nice.

We bet you are wondering if the humans know which one of us was responsible for the release of all this nippy goodness. If you follow us, you know we don’t rat on our housemates, but in this case the culprit was caught red green-pawed.

Mom was only surprised as this particular kitty has not been naughty in a very long time. Can you guess who made this mess?

Here she is now. (Mom apologizes for the blurry quality of the photos. She took them with her phone while Lisbeth was dancing around her prize.)


naughty or nice

 naughty or nice


She wasn’t feeling the least bit ashamed or guilty. She was standing on her back legs almost shouting, “Look what I did!”

We bet you are wondering where Lisbeth got her paws on so much nip. Well, that was thanks to our dedicated nip & treat pusher/kitty caretaker/housekeeper, Chris. She always brings catnip and/or treats when she comes to clean. She doles them out liberally before she starts work. Before she leaves she always vacuums up what we have left on the rug and the house is nee again clean and tidy. She did just that yesterday.

That explained how the nip got into our house, but how did Lisbeth actually get it. Well, Mom forgot to put the bag away when Chris left, and Lisbeth found it on the foyer table. So, as far as we are concerned, Lisbeth is totally innocent. She was only taking advantage of our mom’s spectacular failure to pick up and store that bag of nip. Every person with the smallest pea-sized brain knows we cats are opportunists.

Now that the rug is covered in nip, Mom says she’s going to let us binge overnight and tomorrow before she vacuums. Yippee Nippee Do!

Purrs and paw-pats from the drunken crew of Kitties Blue