Our New Badge/Button

The Cat on My Head ButtonNellie, our furiend from The Cat from Hell, made us this cool new button using part of our logo and the colors from our blog. I haven’t had the opportunity to upload it to any accounts yet but start looking for it when Kitties Blue leave comments on your blogs.


A Nice Surprise

On May 3, one of the blogs we follow, A Pet’s Life Blog, had a post entitled, Top 5 Cat Blogs and Bloggers (that you should follow!). I wanted to make certain to read it as I didn’t want to miss any potentially great blogs I didn’t know about. Imagine my surprise when I saw the following:

4. The Cat on My Head

Janet writes this blog which features her 8 cats! She is not ashamed to be a crazy cat lady. Her photographs are beautiful and her writing makes you feel right at home.

Thank you to our friends at A Pet’s Life Blog for thinking us worthy of this list!

Flag Counter

Since I started blogging, I’ve noticed the Flag Counter on many blogs I follow and always thought I’d like to include that on this blog. Well, I finally added that feature to our sidebar. Adding it nearly two years after launching The Cat on My Head is never going to give me a clear picture of what is happening with regard to readership, but I am still excited to check it each day to see where our readers are in the world.

Two for the Road

We have managed to hit the road on the tandem four times since the vascular surgeon gave me the okay last Monday to begin biking again. Many of you thought Tom was joking when he said that we would start with 20 miles. He wasn’t! But, we only made it 19 miles that first day. We bumped up the distance with each ride and almost managed 100 miles, falling short by less than one-half mile. We’ll do better this week.

The Petties Awards

The kitties and I have been busy nominating our furiends for the 2014 Petties Awards. If you like our blog, could you do the same for us? There are a few categories for which we would qualify, but we’d suggest Best Cat Blog or Funniest Blog or Blogger.

To nominate, simply click on the badge to the left. Nominations close on June 30, and you can nominate everyday. You will need our url: Thanks.

Please join us tomorrow for our post: Date Night at the Drive-In with Cat Scouts.