Dad Tom Returns from Olympics

Dad Tom returned home late last night from his Olympic adventure so the washer and dryer are running non-stop today.

He kindly added a note about this web-site to his Facebook page today. If some of you are new readers who found me through his announcement, WELCOME! I hope you will visit often. Anyway…

Three cats sitting looking out front white, one tuxie and one ginger tabby.

Usually when the car enters the driveway the cats stir and make their ways to the foyer so all are in attendance when we come in the door. One might think this is a welcome home party, but it is nothing more than an opportunity to escape while bags are being brought in the house. Whether suitcase, grocery or 18.5-pound cat food bag, it doesn’t matter. If the door is open even just a crack, one of the felines is going to try to escape. None succeeded last night!

No Cat Awaits

When we first opened the door, not one kitty was waiting. It was after midnight, but that was no excuse. They began to slowly meander into the room. Dad Tom’s return was of little consequence to them. They were interested in sniffing every inch of the luggage in an attempt to find out if he had been cheating on them with some other animal. They found absolutely nothing.

Lily Olivia was the last to arrive. She was probably asleep on the floor of Dad Tom’s closet. She started bellyaching as she came down the stairs. I am not sure if it was because we woke her up or because she wanted to go outside. It was probably a little of both.

Once the exterior door was closed and locked, most of the kids went back to their sleeping spots. Mauricio, however, followed us around silently. For those of you who know Mauricio, you also know that it is almost impossible for him to keep quiet. We weren’t sure if he was holding a grudge because his dad had left him for three weeks, or if he was miffed because Dad Tom was home to reclaim his spot in the bed and divert some of my attention.

Mauricio Breaks His Silence

Five cats crowded onto the humans' bed.

This is how our bed looks normally: No room for humans! Only Misty May was missing.

Once we got into bed, Mauricio broke his silence. He snuggled in next to his dad and proceeded to regale him with tall tales of how I ignored him and never fed him. He even threw in some unkind words about me going to Richmond and leaving him with no human attention except for a short, twice-per-day visit from Maggie, the kitty caregiver.

When he finished his harangue, he sauntered over and threw himself down on top of me. Misty May then took his place, crawling up on her dad’s chest for some snuggling. She and her dad are each other’s favorite of human and cat.

And that was the end for us. Tom and I both fell asleep. What the kitties did after that is anybody’s guess.