Image 4Lily Olivia immediately and eagerly stepped up to this box today. She dove right in before any other kitty even knew I had opened it. She spun and rolled and tried to catch her tail prior to settling down for a nice nap.

Lily International Box Day

Lily International Box day

Lily International Box Day

Lily International Box Day

Calista Jo showed up looking for a turn, but Lily refused to look at her or relinquish her prized possession.

International Box Day LOandCj

Astrid was a little more fortunate and managed to get her turn exploring.

International Box Day Astrid International Box Day Astrid








Mauricio got in on the activity at the end as he needed a photo of himself in a box for Cat Scouts.

Mauricio on International Box Day

Friday is Calista Jo’s second birthday, and we will be having a pawty. All kitties, woofies, piggies, buns and any other critters inhabiting blog world are invited and welcome to attend. Hope to see you then.

We are participating in Sparkle the Designer Cat’s International Box Day Link Up. 

P.S. To all of those who are worried about Lily Olivia after my post about her grumpiness: I appreciate your suggestions of a visit to the vet. Lily Olivia had her annual check up in April. Other than her age-related (15 years) slight heart murmur, she is healthy. She has always been a grump and her personality can turn in the blink of an eye. As you can see from these photos she can be a happy girl as well. Thank you so much for your concern.

NOTE: Thanks to Ann of Zoolarty for the excellent International Box Day badge.