The number two does not imply that this new Honorary Kitty Blue will be any lower in rank than our beautiful, honorary sisfur, Nylablue, or that we expect him to play second fiddle to any of us.

When we added Nylablue to our family as an honorary member, we had no idea that this would be more than a one-time occurrence. In Mom’s defense, we doubt that she did either. But the opportunity arose recently to invite this kitty to join us when he celebrated his second birthday and Mom was reading his “About Me” page. Mom decided that she could make the invitation to him and his humans as a birthday gift, which she did…and he accepted.

We have been following this kitty just about since Mom started our blog. We actually think that most humans and cats (and a variety of other animals) in the universe follow this kitty’s blog and his adventures (Hint!). If you don’t know him, we are incredulous. If you do, we are not surprised.

Since the word for Saturday Photo Hunters is “Guess,” we were thinking of posting this at that time and making everyone guess who the honorary inductee would be and then announce the kitty’s name on Sunday. But, as Mom has already included his photo and bio on our FELINES page, that ship has already sailed (Hint!).

So without further ado but with much flag waving (Hint!), meet our newest Honorary Kitty Blue:



Did you all guess who it is? None other than Bailey Boat Cat!

On Bailey’s “About Me” page he signed his name as Bailey Blue, and that was good enough for Mom. And since we now know how this honorary thing works, (no sharing of noms, treats, toys, beds, humans or domicile) it was good enough for us as well. And he does class up the place as we don’t have any past or current Siamese cats as part of the family.

You probably also guessed the “Blue” part of Bailey’s name, which he says is not “official” with reference to any documents, was given to him for his mesmerizing and riveting blue eyes. You now can find Bailey’s head shot and a short bio on our FELINES page. And if you have never met him, please click on the link in the above paragraph so you can visit and follow him on his adventures on his beloved boat, Nocturne.


And if you have never met our other honorary Kitty Blue, we hope you will stop by Nylablue‘s home page and meet her as well. Just click on her name and you will be whisked away to her blog site, Nylablue and SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo