Unusually Energized

Yesterday when we got out of bed, I couldn’t figure out what was up with the Kitties Blue. They were unusually active. All were swarming around in the upstairs hall with expectant faces. When I went into the bathroom, Astrid followed and began to run in circles chasing her tail. She was jumping, diving and rolling, occasionally catching her tail and pinning it to the floor.

When I reached the kitchen at about 7:30 a.m. I noticed the temperature was only 53 degrees. Though kitties can tolerate extremely high temperatures, hot days usually translate into lazy felines sprawled in summer position…on their backs with bellies up for full exposure to any passing breeze and all four paws in the air. (You’ve all seen Cooper Murphy in this position time after time.) The taste of fall obviously had energized all the kitties and had them thinking about pursuits other than naps.


Tuxedo cat lying on her back, paws above head and napping.

Misty May in summer nap position.


Left Alone for the Day

Immediately following the morning feeding frenzy all seven headed outside for what they did not know would be a very long day. And we have no idea how they actually spent their day as we headed out for a trip to the New River Trail. We took the tandem and spent nearly five hours riding 60 miles. When we returned home, just before dark, three were waiting on the front porch and four on the catio, all with exasperated expressions on their faces, as it was well past dinner time.

Giulietta and Lisbeth made bee-lines for litter boxes as soon as the door was opened. Though they have a box, as well as food and water, on the catio, they prefer to use the indoor facilities. This is not a matter of privacy as the outdoor box is behind a screen. But, after all, they are city cats living in the twenty-first century. And they do expect a human to be available at all times, especially Astrid and Fiona, to cater to their every little whim and to let them in and out a ridiculous number of times each and every day. (Update: We did not have any cat doors at the time.)

No Complaints

We expected to hear numerous stories about being left to their own devices for an entire day, but all were surprisingly quiet, even Mauricio, the resident storyteller and tattletale. Probably too much stimulation from spending that much uninterrupted time out of doors. After dinner and post-mealtime wash-up everybody was done for the day, and they all headed off to bed.

Guess they were giving us the silent treatment to show their displeasure. Being way less than purrfect in the minds of Kitties Blue, I’m certain that will not be the last time we get the cold-cat shoulder.

P.S. With another cool morning, Fiona is rolling and jumping around on the kitchen floor and dragging herself along on her belly with her front paws. She just took off her collar yet AGAIN and is throwing it in the air, chasing and attacking it. Another crazy-cat day in the making!

P.P.S. The day following my last post, “Cats in High Places,” Misty May’s kitty intuition told her she was missing something. So…she climbed up to the porch roof and posed for a couple of photos. Check out the one I have added to that post.