by Janet Blue on September 17, 2012


Fiona almost disappears against the stainless steel interior of the dishwasher.

Every cat needs a good hiding place or two or three, especially when one of the humans is trying to take it to the vet or another kitty is hot on its trail. Over the years our kids have been inventive and sneaky; though, sometimes they have not completely hidden but merely gotten themselves into a space unreachable by human hands. Both Thelma and Louise liked to flatten themselves against the wall under the very center of the king-sized waterbed. This was the perfect tactic since even with the bedroom door closed and a kitty caregiver on each side of the bed, they could jump to the window sill and escape across the top of the bed. It didn’t matter if they were unable to escape the room. They knew that when caught we’d never keep our grip on a squirming, flailing, claw-extended cat. When the door was opened the gyrations would begin. Soon we would be racing after a feline flying down and up and up and down the stairs and throughout the house.


Lily secrets herself from the other felines in a basket.

Prior to our kitchen redo, another of Louise’s favorite hiding places, which she usually saved for what Dad  Tom calls, “The Round-Up,” (when the vet comes to the house for annual check-ups and shots) was on top of an enclosed kitchen radiator camouflaged by a curtain. And Daphne used that as a point of entry to a corner cabinet where she wedged herself behind a lazy susan. It took a contortionist (me) to drag her from this niche.

Daphne hiding in bot under cabinet.

Daphne tucks herself into a pot in the previous breakfast room.

Also before the make-over, all of our felines, as kittens, would crawl through a tiny space between a base cabinet and the stove if we didn’t keep it covered with cardboard and duct tape. Once there, they could scamper around under the peninsula and behind the cabinets. Every once in a while we needed to pull out the stove to retrieve the toys, pencils, corks, coins, bag ties and other bright, shiny objects that had been batted into or taken through the hole.

Alex hiding.

Alex, another kitten from one of Mom’s litters, tucks himself into the wine rack.


If you look closely, you can see Giulietta’s face peeking out from behind Fiona.









And again while we were in the old-kitchen era, every kitten found the built-in wine rack at the end of the peninsula. Its compartments perfectly fit their little bodies. This hiding place gave them the opportunity to attack the ankles of unsuspecting passersby!

Lisbeth hiding in bookcase.

In the new kitchen, Astrid discovers Lisbeth’s hiding place during a rousing game of Hide ‘n Seek.

The previous four hiding places have been eliminated with the kitchen remodel. A variety of others remain. We still have plenty of radiators for a flexible cat to secret itself under or behind. And, of course, shelves, drawers, closets, laundry hampers and suitcases work well, often hiding and trapping a feline whose only intention was to take a quick look around.

But the sneakiest cats of all are the ones who help hide other cats as evidenced by the photo of Fiona and Giulietta!

Once, much to our dismay, Louise hid herself in our neighbor’s basement for two weeks. But that is a long story for a future post.

Misty May hiding in Christmas wrappings.

Mauricio discovers Misty May hiding in a bag of used Christmas wrappings.

Mauricio wiggled his way onto a shelf of tablets to spy on Tom while he worked at his desk.

These photos of cats in baskets, cabinets, pots and a variety of other creative places are a small representation of those we have snapped of cats in hiding. In the future I definitely plan to share others as some are hysterical.

And, if you would like to see photos of cats in hiding already posted, please visit, “Cat in a Box” and “Cats in High Places.”

And speaking of “Cat in a Box”: With the holidays coming, remember to carefully check all shipping boxes prior to sealing and mailing. Astrid, Giulietta and Mauricio were all in danger of being sent out-of-state to Meredith (whose Comments you can read here often) this morning. As the box was already heavy with books, I might not have noticed the extra weight!

Where do your cats like to hide? You can tell me about their favorite hiding places by leaving a Comment below. Maybe it will help us the next time one of our pusses pulls a disappearing act.

Meredith September 19, 2012 at 8:14 pm

Thank you so much for mailing the books my way! =) You are awesome! I love the kitties’ creativity in selecting their favorite hiding spots. Mine would be with books and the Christmas decorations for sure!

ET September 17, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Indeed sneaky but barrels of non stop entertainment. M’s M.

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