Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

After not writing a poem last week, I am happy to be back this week. I did deviate a bit from what the inspiration photo represents, but I rarely know exactly where a poem is going to take me when I begin it. Here is the photo followed by my poem.



Too Many Woofies

Doggies, doggies everywhere—
So many give me quite a scare.
One on one I think they’re nice,
But in big groups they give me a fright.
They may be on leashes and harnesses
But nevertheless they are carnivorous.
I’m not saying these woofies will attack,
But I do know they like to hunt in packs.
I am just an itty bitty cat all alone,
Wishing only for my very own home.
For now I’ll climb up this nearby tree
And maybe then these pups won’t see
That I am here, lonely and afraid.
My dream is only to be saved.
If you will please come to my rescue,
I promise to be good and always love you.

Janet Buickerood Blue – 07/31/2019

All of these pups look very nice, and we have many blogging doggy friends. But having a houseful of kitties does influence my thinking.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is hosted by our pals, Teddy and Angel Sammy (Two Spoiled Cats). They select an inspiration photo for us each week, and Sammy writes and transmits a poem from the Rainbow Bridge. He is a masterful wordsmith and poet, so please click on the badge at the left and visit his and Teddy’s blog. After reading his poem, check out the comment section for links to poems by other bloggers.

Thankful Thursday

We always have oodles for which to be thankful. Dad Tom and I are grateful to be sleeping in our new bedroom. Though a few things are still incomplete with regard to our addition, we can and are using it. I swear this has been the longest year of my life.

Sawyer is thankful that he was able to join with his friend, Noelle, (Friends Furever) in hosting a fun event at the Tabby Cat Club: Tabby Toesies Tuesday. They were happy to see some decent participation and grateful to have received this cool badge.



Many more fun events are planned for TCC in the upcoming months. If you are a tabby and not a member, click on Sawyer and Noelle’s badge to go there and join. If you are a non-participatory member, please consider coming back to the Club.

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