Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Cooper Murphy is our poet this week. He wrote a poem about himself and his BFF, Teddy. He interpreted the inspiration photo a bit liberally, but then it’s meant to be just that…inspiration.

Here’s the photo followed by Cooper’s poem.


Cat Scout Adventure


Cat Scout Adventure

I’m a Cat Scout, and I like to explore
Whether in a cave or at the shore.
But I must be careful and super vigilant,
So I don’t have any type of accident.
In fact it’s always good to have a buddy,
Like my gingersnap pal, Cat Scout Teddy.
We can watch out for each other
Exactly the same as real brothers.
Helping each other up if we fall in the dirt
Or going for help if one of us is hurt.
We have our compass and a snack,
Rope and a first aid kit in our backpack.
As Cat Scouts we remain purrpared
To keep our wits and never get scared.
Teddy and I are strong and brave.
Now please excuse us while we explore this cave.

© Cat Scout Cooper Murphy Blue – 03/21/2018

Two Spoiled Cats, Teddy and his big brother, Angel Sammy, host Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Mom Pam selects a photo to serve as inspiration. And each week Sammy transmits a poem from the Rainbow Bridge. it is always exceptional and not to be missed. To read it and find links to other poems in the comment section, click on the badge below.

Thankful Thursday

Cooper Murphy not only asked to write today’s poem but also requested the opportunity to do today’s thankful. His thankful also pertains to Cat Scouts. He, Teddy and Cat Scout Ætheling participated in a Cheerleader Workshop and tried out for the Cheer Team at Cat Scout University. All three made the Cheer Team and received certificates, badges and their official cheer uniforms.

Cooper Murphy will share the cheer he wrote for the try-outs in a future post.


Cat Scout CSU Cheer Team Member Cooper Murphy


Cooper Murphy would like to thank Scout Anya for conducting the workshop and the judges, Sammy, Gracie and Raz, for selecting him for the Cheer Team.

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