Today’s colorful rendition of Calista Jo was created using Picasa and LunaPic. I kept things pretty simple this week. First I maximized the Saturation and added the HDR effect in Picasa. In LunaPic I added the glass tile effect from DRAW and the beveled edge from BORDERS. Then it was back to Picasa for the mat and frame.

colorfulHere’s the original for comparison. C.J. was lounging in the condo on the catio when the photo was taken by her dad. I loved how it showed all the variations in her dilute tortie furs and thought it would be fun to enhance those. She really is a beautiful girl and so sweet. As I prepare this post, she is curled next to my side under my arm. And she is serenading me with her loud, rumbling purr.

Calista Jo is participating in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and encourages you to join in the fun.  You can do so by clicking on their badge.

Cat4-001So tomorrow is Sunday again already, which means we will be having our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Dad Tom got a new lens for his camera in order to take better PetFinder photos of the Barn Cat Buddies. Fiona immediately demanded to try it out with some selfies for tomorrow. We promise you will not be disappointed. She looks quite spectacular. Fiona and the other Kitties Blue hope to see lots of old friends and maybe some new ones as well tomorrow.

And finally…I am in the midst of migrating everything from my current laptop over to my new laptop. I am working between two computers right now and may not get in as much visiting as Kitties Blue would like until I have everything set up. Kitties Blue have their paws crossed that this won’t take more than a few days.

Until tomorrow…