1-Image 13ASTRID:  “Hey! What do you want? Can’t you see I’m hiding?”

MOM:  “If I can see you, you obviously aren’t doing it very well.”

ASTRID:  “I’m hiding from Calista.”

MOM:  “But if I can see you, so can Calista.”

ASTRID:  “No she can’t.”

MOM: “Why do you think that?”

ASTRID: “Because she’s short, not tall like you are.”

MOM:  Shakes her head in disbelief.

1-Image 5ASTRID:  “So are you going to leave or what?”

MOM:  “Don’t forget that Calista can jump up there just like you did.”

ASTRID:  “Well, I’m going to hide my head. I know Calista won’t be able to see me then.”

MOM:   “Okay, whatever you say. ” 

MOM:  Walking away. “Cat logic.”