corpulent kitty belly

Kitten Skooter

The First Kitty Blue

Skooter was our very first kitty (not counting our childhood kitties). He was such a little cutie-pie when we adopted him at five months old. At the time we had not met and did not know that his Dad’s name was Tubby nor that he fit that moniker perfectly. As the years passed we watched Skooter begin to resemble his dad; though, he always had a small head.

He was a very sweet man-cat and accepted all the kitties added to the household during his lifetime.

corpulent kitty belly

Skooter shows off his ample tummy.

Unfortunately he only lived to 14 years old. He had a heart murmur from birth and eventually succumbed to congestive heart failure. Though that was many years ago now, we still miss him and think often of our good-natured first kitty.

Freak Out After Escaping

P.S. from Astrid: On Sunday night I was able to heap a little more payback onto Mom, thanks to Dad. He had to change the propane tank on the grill so opened the door from our screened deck to the grill locale and I snuck out. That part of the deck is only about six feet above ground. When I can sneak out, I jump off and explore the yard. Unfortunately, as previously posted in, “Cats in the Garden,” I freak out when I get out. And I will not come to my dad…no way, no how, not ever!

This time I jumped the low fence to our neighbor’s yard and then couldn’t figure out how to get back to our side. The ground is further from the fence top on their side. Mom came downstairs and started calling me. I let her know where I was but that I wasn’t ready to come home. As all my housemates had eaten dinner, Mom brought mine out with her and started making clanking sounds on the bowl to get my attention. I wasn’t buying it.

As it was time for the humans’ dinner, I got a reprieve. While they ate, I figured out how to get back to our yard. (I’m not telling how I did it.) When Mom came back outside again and headed toward the fence, I shot out from where I was hiding and ran up two flights of stairs to the top deck while she closed the door behind me. I came down when she set my food bowl a few steps from the backdoor, ate it and then came in the house without any argument. I was all tuckered out.

But I sure had a good time giving Mom the runaround.