Thankful Thursday

Dad Tom and I are thankful we will be getting our second COVID vaccine on Saturday. We are equally thankful, that as I write this on Wednesday night, Sawyer is nine days past his last seizure.

Astrid, Sawyer, Lisbeth and Cooper Murphy are thankful to have received Valentines from their significant others. All were on-line except for Cooper Murphy’s from girlfriend Tyebe (Canadian Cats). It is so darn adorable that he asked me to share it with our readers. 




On a lighter note, I am thankful to be one of the first commenters on the Tuesday Teaser at Two Spoiled Cats. I got this badge.


As always, we are thankful for all our followers, friends and supporters. 

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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means it is time for the poetry challenge hosted by the Two Spoiled Cats, Angel Sammy and Teddy. Here’s this week’s inspiration photo and my poem.




The Dream Nightmare

It was a cold and foggy night
Without another human in sight.
Until I felt a sudden ripple of fear
Just as an apparition appeared.
Far ahead of me on the path
Would I encounter a sociopath
Or just another insomniac like me?
But fright tells me it must be a banshee
Here to warn of my impending death.
I’m aware I am holding my breath,
And that I have closed my eyes
Fearing I am facing my demise.
When suddenly I’m awake in my bed
With confusing thoughts in my head.
It seems sleep had finally taken ahold,
And then a nightmare took control.
Thankfully my head is now clear,
And I can return to bed without fear.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 02/17/2021

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