Periwinkle’s Update

I am still in Virginia with Stinky’s mom and dad and the Kitties Blue. My paws are tired from all the walking we have done and the stairs we’ve climbed to deliver flyers. I lost count on the number of houses we’ve visited ages ago.

Last night Mom Janet drove Dad Tom and I to a wooded area where there had been a possible sighting of Stinky a few days ago. Mom Janet and I were supposed to go Sunday night to search for Stinky, but she had a little accident and had to go to urgent care. 

I won’t belabor you with the entire story, but in a nutshell: Astrid had been very insistent Sunday night about wanting to get outside after we had our dinner. She could not be convinced to stop her plaintive meowing or move away from the door to the catio. As Astrid can be very intuitive, Mom Janet thought maybe Stinky had come home and Astrid was alerting them. Mom Janet decided to investigate, fell down in the yard and put a gouge in her ankle. She and Dad Tom were gone two-and-a-half hours to get her ankle stitched up. So, no search was conducted Sunday night.

I am sad to report that Dad Tom and I did not find Stinky last night. I just cannot figure out where he is or why he hasn’t come home.

Scrapbook Pages

Since Stinky and I were once again unable to share an adventure, Mom Janet and I decided to make a scrapbook with photos from some of our past adventures. So…I am sharing those with you today.







These are from just of the few adventures Stinky and I have shared. I am purring and praying extra hard that Stinky will come home and we will get to have more new adventures.