Sawyer is Home

Thanks to miracles, social media, and Dad Tom and I blanketing our area with flyers and posters, Sawyer is home after 24 days and 12 hours.


miracles do happen


He showed up .9 miles from home at the exact house where we adopted our first cat Skooter in the mid-80s. Thinner and with matted fur, he was still wearing his collar and tags.

He is currently in quarantine until he can be seen by the vet tomorrow. Needless to say, he is grounded for life. And a locater tag is being added to his collar in case he gets any more wild ideas about going on another neighborhood walkabout.

I will fill you all in on the details tomorrow for Thankful Thursday.

Until then, thank you for all the purrs, prayers, support, POTP, posting and sharing. It is what sustained us during this long ordeal.

Big hugs, Dad Tom and Mom Janet