Stinky is even more excited than usual to see Periwinkle and embark on today’s adventure. He’s been bouncing around for so long, his paws are beginning to hurt. Just as he thinks he is going to need to sit down and rest, Periwinkle comes tumbling from the tunnel right into his waiting paws. After greeting each other with giggles, paw hugs and whisker kisses, Periwinkle asks Stinky what his plans are for their adventure.

Stinky replies, “I think this is going to be one of our best ever adventures!”

This, of course, makes Periwinkle squeal with delight and ask, “Where are we going, and what are we going to do?”

National Kissing Day

Stinky tells her they won’t be going anywhere, but he is certain she won’t be disappointed. “Today is National Kissing Day, and tomorrow is my sisfur, Kizmet’s, birthday. We are going to combine those two things into something extra special.”

“We aren’t going to spend the day kissing Kizmet are we?” asks Periwinkle, with disappointment in her voice.

Stinky giggles and tells her, “no!”

“Wow, I am sure relieved about that, as that must mean we are going to spend the day giving each other whisker kisses!”

“Not exactly, Periwinkle,” Stinky tells her.

“Well, then, please explain your plans to me.”

Stinky explains that he and Periwinkle are going to have a kissing booth as part of a commentathon in honor of Kizmet’s birthday.


Commentathon for Helen Woodward Animal Center

“We are selling kisses for a dollar. For each comment/kiss we receive my mom is setting aside $1 for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Each dollar will buy a vote for Kizmet in the Superhero Sidekicks Calendar Contest!

“What’s that all about, Stinky?” asks Periwinkle.

“It’s a fundraiser for the Animal Center. They are raising money to support the orphan pets and programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center. Kizmet is entered in the contest to win a spot on their 2022 calendar. Right now she only has the 25 votes mom was required to purchase to enter her in the contest.”

“Oh, Stinky, that is very sad; we really need to get her some votes. What can we do?”

“We have to encourage everyone to leave a comment either today or tomorrow on Kizmet’s birthday post.”


How You Can Help

“Can we do anything else?”

“Yes, we can ask everyone to make their own tax deductible donations by purchasing votes for Kizmet. Votes have to be purchased in $5 increments, which almost everybody can afford. They have until 8 p.m. on August 2 to vote. To do that, they can click on the the graphic below.”


“Should we open the booth so we can get oodles of comments and begin kissing, Stinky?”

“Sounds good to me, Periwinkle!”

“Should we take some snacks with us if we are going to be there through Kizmet’s birthday tomorrow?”

“I’ve got that covered. We have onion rings and chocolate eclairs,” replies Stinky through giggles.

“Yuck, those are terrible snacks. What were you thinking? No one wants to kiss after eating onion rings, and cats are not supposed to eat onions or chocolate.”

“I’m just kidding you, Periwinkle. It’s National Onion Ring Day and National Chocolate Eclairs Day as well as National Kissing Day. I have Temptations and Fancy Feast.”

“That’s better,” Periwinkle replies. She then takes Stinky’s paw and leads him to the kissing booth.


Please return tomorrow for Kizmet’s birthday celebration. Stinky, Periwinkle and all the Kitties Blue will be here. It’s also Astrid and Sampy’s fifth Wedding Anniversary as well, so it will be a big bash. You definitely do not want to miss that.

Happy Tuesday

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