Waiting to Surprise Periwinkle

Stinky is super excited for today’s adventure, as he and Periwinkle have been spending a lot of time at either of their houses this winter. He has sent Mom Sharon the coordinates for Periwinkle’s teleportation tunnel so the tabbies can meet at the destination for today’s adventure. He’s also sent her something for Periwinkle to wear. Stinky has fun dressing up, and he thinks Periwinkle enjoys it as much as he does.

When Periwinkle comes tumbling from her tunnel, she begins looking around for Stinky. She doesn’t see him and wonders why everyone is dressed up. Suddenly she feels two paws encircling her waist from behind and feathers tickling her ears. She’s about ready to shriek from terror or excitement (she’s not certain which) when Stinky pops out from behind her. At least she thinks it’s Stinky, as she sees high-top red tennis shoes.

Mardi Gras Cats

“Hi, beautiful, are you ready to party?”

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras CatsPeriwinkle is relieved to hear Stinky’s voice. “What’s up today? Is this Mardi Gras in New Orleans?”

“You bet! It’s Fat Tuesday, and we are going to have some fun. Put your mask on. It’s in your tunnel.”

“Thanks, Stinky. This mask is gorgeous. Do you know why today is called Fat Tuesday?”

“As a matter of fact I do. Fat Tuesday is the translation from the french of Mardi Gras, which is a celebratory carnival that leads up to the beginning of Lent. The name Fat Tuesday refers to the practice of consuming all of the food forbidden while fasting during the 40 days of Lent, including meat.”

“What? Do we have to give up treats and meat. What are we supposed to eat?”

“No, silly. That’s just for humans,” Stinky explains.

“Whew, I am relieved to hear that,” Periwinkle replies. “I am certainly happy we are cats. I wouldn’t want to stop eating meat or treats for the next 40 days! And I don’t think you would survive 40 days without treats.”

Stinky giggles and blushes, knowing how right Periwinkle is. “Did you know that Mardi Gras is a state holiday in Alabama, Florida and eight parishes in Louisiana? That means it is a holiday in your state.”

“Nope, I didn’t know that either. Can we go have some fun? You can tell me more as we party,” Periwinkle tells Stinky.

Shopping for Beads

“Sure, let’s get some beads,” says Stinky.

“Did you bring any money? I know I didn’t.”

“Periwinkle, we are cats, and you are totally adorable. I am certain people will give us beads.”

Periwinkle points at some girls lifting their shirts. “We don’t have to do what those girls are doing to get them, do we?”

“No, you are just going to put on your best smile and meow sweetly.”

“Oh, good, I can do that!”

“Let’s try it out. There’s a seller right over there.” Stinky points across the street.


Mardi Gras Cats - Periwinkle shops for beads.


“These are great. I really like the one with the ducks,” Periwinkle says.

Stinky adds, “I like the one with the fish. Most of the beads are purple, gold and green, as those are the colors of Mardi Gras. Purple represents justice, gold is for power, and green represents faith.”

Mardi Gras Cats

“That’s very interesting. I really like my beads, Stinky. That seller was so nice to give them to us.”

“He liked how you purred for him and rubbed against his legs,” Stinky tells her.

Photo Op

Stinky spies a cool place for a Mardi Gras photo that requires a little climbing. He points to it, but Periwinkle shakes her head, NO. Stinky gives her a cheeky grin and leads her to some stairs, which they climb up. When they get to the top of the stairs, Stinky climbs over the railing and then helps Periwinkle over.


Mardi Gras Cats - Stinky & Periwinkle sit on huge mask decoration.

“This is a great view, but let’s go check out the floats,” says Periwinkle.

Riding Along on Some Floats

“Do you think the people on the floats will let us ride along?” asks Periwinkle.

“Sure, again, we’re cute and will get lots of attention from the crowds. Besides, we don’t take up much space,” Stinky tells Periwinkle. “Let’s try that one,” Stinky says and takes Periwinkle’s paw.


Mardi Gras Cats - Periwinkle and Stinky ride on float with Mardi Gras king and queen.


“Stinky, look, lots of people are pointing and waving to us. That’s so cool!”

Stinky takes the opportunity to tell Periwinkle a bit more about Mardi Gras as they ride along on the float. “The practice of not eating meat during Lent is the origin for the word carnival, since it comes from the Latin words carne (flesh) and levare (to remove or to take away). The two terms we have for the celebration take different perspectives: Carnival is half empty and Mardi Gras is half full.”

Periwinkle thanks him for researching and sharing all this information with her. She then grabs Stinky’s paw and jumps down from the float, saying, “Stinky, let’s find another float to ride.”

Stinky looks around, sees one he likes, and leads Periwinkle to it. They jump on board and Stinky starts to climb up one of the figures. Periwinkle yells at him, “Stinky get down from there.”

“Nope, you come up. The view is fabulous.”


Mardi Gras Cats - Periwinkle & Stinky ride on the jester float.


“The view is great, Stinky. Nobody is waving this time. We match this float so well, I don’t think anyone can see us. I really am having a great time.”

Scrapbook Photo

“Me too! I saw a place a while back that is set up for memory photos. Let’s head there and have a photo taken for our scrapbooks. When we get together in two weeks that’s what we’ll be working on.” The tabbies climb down from their perches, join paws and jump from the float. They head down the street to the place Stinky spotted. When they arrive, they pose, and the photographer takes their photo. He shows it to them, and then each gives him their mom’s e-mail addresses so he can send them their photo.



Mardi Gras Cats - memory photo for scrapbook


Rumbling Tummies

Stinky and Periwinkle agree that all the fun has made them really hungry. Stinky suggests they find one of the traditional King Cakes to share and Periwinkle agrees. She also suggests they get two additional ones to take home to their moms. Stinky agrees.

The tabbies find a place to buy King Cakes and charm the owner into giving them three cakes. They find a table and dig into one of them.


Mardi Gras Cats - Tabbies share a King Cake



“That was delicious, Periwinkle. We need to get our boxes and head back to our tunnels. I promised our moms we’d be home before dark. Things really get crazy around here after dark.”

“I’m okay with that. I am really tired,” Periwinkle tells him.

When the two arrive at their tunnels they share lots of paw hugs and whisker kisses. As they enter their tunnels, they turn and wave good-bye and with a whoosh, they both are on their way home.

The End

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