Valentine’s Day

Stinky is always excited to spend the day with Periwinkle; however, today is special. Not only does he get to see her a day early, but it is also Valentine’s Day. As always, Stinky waits impatiently by the teleportation tunnel and hops from paw to paw. Finally Periwinkle comes tumbling out of the tunnel into his waiting paws. After oodles of whisker kisses, Stinky reaches behind his back and hands Periwinkle a bouquet of flowers and a heart-shaped balloon.

Periwinkle Stinky Valentine

“Thank you, Stinky. These are so pretty. I love the color. What kind of flower are they?” asks Periwinkle.

“They are Periwinkles, and they are pretty but not as pretty as you,” Stinky tells her.

Periwinkle blushes and gives Stinky a kiss on the cheek. She then asks him what they are doing for today’s adventure?

“It’s a surprise,” says Stinky as he leads her back into the teleportation tunnel. Before they can even blink they arrive at their destination. As they disembark from the tunnel, Periwinkle notices that they are wearing fancy clothes and asks Stinky how that happened? “It’s a new feature I had installed in our tunnels to save us time,” Stinky tells her.

“You are so smart—more time for adventuring. That will be a great new feature. And thanks for picking out such a gorgeous dress for me,” Periwinkle tells Stinky. “Now tell me where we are.”

Destination: Hotel Roanoke


Periwinkle Stinky Valentine


Stinky tells Periwinkle that they are at the famous Hotel Roanoke, and he takes her to the historical sign, so they can read about it.


Periwinkle Stinky Valentine


“Thanks for the info, Stinky, what’s on the agenda while we are here?” asks Periwinkle.

“We are going to have a nice, leisurely dinner. Let’s go inside,” says Stinky and takes Periwinkle’s paw.


Periwinkle Stinky Valentine


“We have a little while until our reservation, so we can sit here and do a little people watching. I also have something for you,” Stinky tells Periwinkle.

A Romantic Moment

“Is it a present?” asks Periwinkle. “I love presents.”

“Yes, I guess it is,” says Stinky and hands her a piece of paper.


Periwinkle Stinky Valentine poem


With tears in her eyes, Periwinkle jumps down from her chair, runs to Stinky and grabs him in a big hug. “You are the sweetest and best boyfriend ever, Stinky. I love this poem. Thank you so much.”

Stinky begins to blush and gets choked up. He whispers to Periwinkle, “I am happy you like it.”

Dinner Time

Soon they are called for their reservation and they enter the hotel’s main restaurant, the Regency Room, where they are shown to their table.


As they wait for dinner, Periwinkle and Stinky talk about all the fun adventures they have had together. There have now been 122 adventures, and they both admit they cannot remember all of them. Stinky suggests to Periwinkle that the next time she comes to Roanoke, they should make a couple of memory albums with photos from their various adventures.

“Stinky, that’s a great idea. We can each select some of our favorite adventure memories to include.”

After dinner, the tabbies wander around the hotel and admire how nice it is. Finally it is time to return to Stinky’s house and the two return to their tunnel. Moments later they walk out into the foyer at Stinky’s house. When Periwinkle has finished visiting with all of Stinky’s fursibs, it’s time for her to head home. She gathers up her flowers and poem and blows a kiss to Stinky, which he catches before blowing one to her. With that familiar whoosh from the tunnel, Periwinkle is gone. Stinky heads to the bedroom for a nap and to dream of his sweet and beautiful girlfriend.

The End

Periwinkle & Stinky wish everyone a Valentine’s Day filled with love and happiness!

The tabbies are joining the Awww Mondays blog hop at Comedy Plus, as what could be more “awwwdorable” than two tabby cats in love.