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Leapin’ Lizards

“Hi, everybody. Stinky here. I am getting ready to set off on my first adventure with Periwinkle. I’ll be using my three-way tunnel to travel to meet her. I have a Home portal for coming and going, a time-travel portal for traveling to other time zones or to the past or future. Today, I’ll be traveling through my Real Time portal as Periwinkle and I live in the same time zone. Here I go. Wish me luck, and I’ll see you on the other side.”



When Stinky emerges from his tunnel, Periwinkle is waiting. She runs up and gives him a big hug and immediately begins babbling, “Stinky, I am so happy to see you. I have everything we need for our adventure: a net, harness and leash, camo-covered PTU and Temptations.”



Stinky lays a paw on Periwinkle’s shoulder and pats her in an attempt to calm her.

She takes a breath and allows him to talk.

“I have a question about the Temptations, but I will get to that in a minute.

Mom almost didn’t let me come today, as I had two seizures yesterday. They happened only 5 1/2 days since my last one, so she is pretty worried about me. She says I must not get overly excited, and if anything happens, your mom has to take me to the vet immediately.”

Periwinkle grabs Stinky and hugs him extra hard. “Don’t worry Stinky, I will take good care of you.”

“Thanks Periwinkle. Now tell why you have those Temptations. I didn’t know lizards were fond of Temptations.”

Periwinkle laughs, “Don’t be silly, Stinky. Those are for us, in case we don’t catch any nommy lizards.”

“And what about that camouflage PTU?” asks Stinky.

“Well, that’s to hide any lizards we catch in case my mom comes around. She is not fond of me chasing and catching the lizards,” says Periwinkle.

“Now that you have cleared up all my questions, let’s get going. Where should we begin?”

“Come on, Stinky, the bird feeder is always a good place to start.”

Stinky and Periwinkle run off to the bird feeder and immediately spot a lizard.




Stinky blurts out, “Jeepers, I had no idea he would be so big.”

Periwinkle claps her paw over Stinky’s mouth and quietly admonishes him, “Not so loud, we don’t want to scare him off.”

The two cats pussyfoot quietly up to the bird feeder. Periwinkle gets out her net, but it won’t reach high enough. Then she tries to lasso the lizard with the leash, but she has not quite mastered that skill.

Stinky runs at the feeder poll and gives it a good head butt. The fat, juicy lizard remains in place but gives Stinky the stink eye.

“Hey, Periwinkle, did you see that?” asks Stinky, as he rubs his head.

“I sure did. I had no idea that lizards knew how to give the stink eye.”

As Stinky and Periwinkle stare at the lizard trying to figure out their next move, Periwinkle rips open the Temptations package with her teeth. She takes a few, spilling some on the ground, and then hands the package to Stinky.



Between crunches, Periwinkle says, “I think we may have to wait this guy out. The bird feeder pole is too skinny to climb.”

“What about a ladder?” Stinky asks. “Does your mom have one of those?”

“Well yes,” Periwinkle replies, “but even with the two of us, I don’t think we could push or drag it here.”

Periwinkle and Stinky look at each other, and Periwinkle says, “I think a nap is in order to refresh our brains and come up with a plan.”

Being both in agreement, the two tabbies curl up together, close their eyes and drift off into dreams of catching that lizard.

When they awake a couple of hours later, the lizard is gone.

“Phooey,” both Periwinkle and Stinky say in unison.

After a survey of the garden and no sign of their prey, they sit down for another Temptations snack and begin to quietly discuss plans for their next adventure. They are not giving up on trying to catch a lizard but will save that for another day.

As the sun begins to set, Stinky says goodbye to Periwinkle and gives her a big hug and whisker kiss. He then returns to his tunnel for the trip home, with tears in his eyes. He really wanted to catch and taste a lizard, but mostly he didn’t want to leave his friend.

When Stinky emerges from his tunnel at home, all his brothers and sisters gather around and clamor to hear about his big adventure.

Just as he closes his eyes and begins to fall asleep, Stinky says, “Have any of you ever tasted lizard?” leaving them all to wonder if he had.


The End


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