As you can seen, Madison wasn't too keen on getting head kisses. But I just couldn't resist planting one on him.

As you can see, Madison wasn’t too keen on getting head kisses. But I just couldn’t resist planting one on him.

This is a photo of our beautiful, blue-eyed* boy, Madison, from 2002, the year after he adopted us. He showed up on our back deck, and though he wouldn’t let us touch him, he decided he was staying. As the months went by, we finally broke down his defenses, and he let us pet him. So after six months, we invited him to move in, and he graciously accepted. Our vet estimated that he was about two years old.

Madison was one of “The Best Ever” cats who has been a part of our household. He had wonderful manners until our other kitties corrupted him. And he loved, nurtured and bathed most of the other kitties, especially MacKenzie and Louise.

He had one crazy food fetish: the juice from green olives. When he smelled it, he lost all control of himself and misbehaved badly in an attempt to get this treat.

Sadly, we lost Madison in January 2011. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and died in my arms 13 days later. I have cried for every one of our kitties when they’ve left us, but Madison’s loss was particularly heartbreaking due to its abruptness and to the belief that he had been brought to us for a special purpose.

Madison's Angel vSquillion

Madison’s Angel vSquillion

I will share more about Madison as well as additional photos in the future.

I recently adopted this Madison Angel vSquillion in his memory. The kitties and I plan to send all our love to our sweet boy by way of this darling angel.

* Unlike many white, blue-eyed cats, Madison was not deaf. When he came to us, his left eye had what appeared to be an old injury. Our vet could not tell if he possibly was blind in that eye.

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