Tree Climbing


For my birthday Mom joined me up with Cat Scouts. She’s hoping I will make friends with other kitties who are more well-mannered than I, don’t treat their meowmates so mean and can convince me that good scouts DO NOT spray. Good luck with that one.

Here I am in my Cat Scout uniform.You may have noticed this pix in our sidebar shortly after my birthday. I do look rather dashing, don’t you lady-cats agree?

Tenderpaw Cat Scout Mauricio Blue

Tenderpaw Cat Scout
Mauricio Blue

As a recently turned nine-year-old kitty, I am not as active as I once was, and I haven’t noticed any merit badges being offered in napping. Maybe I can suggest that. I have, however, already earned four merit badges.

The first was the Bunnykicking Merit Badge. I used my sister, Calista Jo’s, knitted, catnip mouse that she received for her birthday to demonstrate my fierce skills. Human arms are the best for bunnykicking, but my humans are too savvy to allow that!

The second was the Tree Climbing Merit Badge. I earned this by climbing the dogwood tree next to the house. This is a great place to climb as I can access the tin, porch roof and make lots of noise by running back and forth. It’s also a great place for staring at the humans through the second-floor windows. MOL!

I also have my Friendship and Computer Technology Merit Badges and my Be Purrpared Ribbon. And I have made 14 friends already, including Wally from The Island Cats and Brian from Brian’s Home. I am currently number 13 on the Merit Badge and Award Leader Board; however, that was prior to earning my latest merit badge.

As I now have my Computer Technology Merit Badge, I am going to help Mom set up a dedicated Cat Scout page  on our blog where I can register and keep track of my friends and accomplishments.

I really hope others of you…hint: Spitty, Sammy, Maxwell, Faraday, Austin (just to name a few) will join me in Cat Scouts.

Purrs and hugs, Mauricio, Tenderpaw