Throughly Poetic Thursday


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today is when we join our friend, angel Sammy, in writing a poem. We are completing our third trip through the alphabet with the prompt letter of “Z” for this week’s verse. The prompt words are: 1) zoo 2) zing, 3) zipper and 4) zap. Z is hard enough without having to come up with our own subject, so Mom went with “zoo” as the inspiration for our verse—a haiku. Mom claims that some weeks her imagination just refuses to engage. So, three lines are all you get.

The Blue Zoo

Do you live in a cat zoo?
Our mom says we do.
It’s the best fun you can have.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 12/06/2017

We are fairly certain that lots of our friends who live in multi-cat households sometimes feel just like we do. The pitter-patter of little feet can sound more like a stampede of elephants when there are 36 of those feet. When the bellowing begins at breakfast and dinnertime, we sound more like a crash of rhinos. And we gobble that food up like a passel of hogs.

Until ten days ago, our clowder numbered just eight. Mom says that on most days she felt we were manageable. Now with nine, she’s not so sure. Sawyer is four pounds of pure wildcat. He growls, snarls and flails like a ferocious big cat. We’re all hoping that when he is no longer confined for most of the day and night to the living room, he will calm down.

Sawyer does not like being alone, and he’s not quiet when he is—unless he’s sleeping. We, however, have never heard him meow. He chirps incessantly like a distressed baby squirrel.


Blue Zoo


We know Mom and Dad will be happy when he can be permanently released to roam the house—which he has done on a few occasions when he’s escaped the living room. This should happen soon, as he has completed his course of antibiotics. We’re not too sure how we feel about this upcoming event. Stay tuned for updates.

We are joining Teddy and angel Sammy for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Sammy writes the best poems every week and sends them to Mom Pam from the Rainbow Bridge. Each one is a must read, so please click on his badge and visit. You also will find poems as well as links to even more poetry in the comments section at Two Spoiled Cats. So please visit and consider writing some poetry of your own.

Thankful Thursday

Each week we also enter the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian’s Home. This week, we are thankful that our friend Buddy Budd (Tomcat Commentary by Tim) is back home after experiencing some scary medical issues and having to stay in the hospital. He still needs our purrs, prayers and POTP, so we hope you’ll send some his way. Click on the badge to visit him.

We’re especially thankful that Mom has almost finished the holiday decorating and soon will be able to spend more time with us. That beacon you see shining in southwestern Virginia is our house. After totally skipping Christmas last year, it’s nice to see her decorating again. And it’s always fun to help, especially when there’s garland, light strings and a ladder.

To join the Thankful Thursday blog hop, click on Brian’s badge.

That’s it for us. Mom says it’s time for bed. She’ll be here tomorrow doing Friendly Fill-Ins.

Purrs & paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today is my first attempt at a poem. I was the only one of the Kitties Blue who could write it as the poem is about something at which I excel: zoomies. Luckily, this week’s prompt letter just happens to be “Z.” So without any additional meowing, here it is.



Zoomies are a thing I like to do,
Sometimes just because or after a poo!
If you get in my way, you best watch out,
I’ll hurdle you in a minute without even a shout.
I love to zoom from room to room.
If you hear my purr, I’m going vroom,vroom,vroom.
Those two boys may have that hooligan wagon,
But I’m the one doing all the braggin’.
I zoom right by them in a great big rush,
Leaving their sorry butts draggin’ in my dust.
If you’re a zoomer or just a wannabe,
Let me know ‘cause there is a key.
It’s definitely something you’ll want to know
About building up speed while on the go.
If you think to be a good zoomer, you’ll require some nip,
I promise you can zoom without taking a trip.
I cannot let the cat out of the bag here.
It’s a secret from my fursibs I hold dear.
Calista and Cooper have each tried to zoom;
Without my knowledge they won’t beat me anytime soon.
But I’ll give it to you in a super secret note,
So you too can earn the privilege to gloat.
When you fly by your fursibs with a flick of your tail,
They’ll be calling an Uber or raising a sail.
Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got to zoom.
As you can see, I’m already dressed in my zooming costume.

© Astrid Blue-Hall 06/07/2017


Astrid loves to zoom.


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is hosted by our dear friends, Angel Sammy and Teddy from Two Spoiled Cats. To read their poem and find links to other poems, click on their badge.

Thankful Thursday

I am also joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. I am thankful to be the fastest cat in the house. If I wasn’t, I’d never be able to get away from Misty May when she chases me. I may squeal when she does it, but I don’t get beat up.

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Thanks for stopping in and reading my poem. I must say that I think I did a pretty good job for my first attempt. What do you think?

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid