Feeding Time at the Blue Zoo



Last night I had some cans to open to make a bean and beet salad so decided to try the electric can opener experiment as mentioned in my post, “Feeding Time at the Blue Zoo.”

All the kitties, except Lily Olivia, were in the kitchen waiting for their dinner. When I opened the first can both Astrid’s and Lisbeth’s eyes widened with a look of surprise tinged with a smidgen of fear. Sort of the same face they get when the city recyling truck comes by and makes a huge racket collecting cans and bottles.

Fiona and Giulietta just looked at me with their usual wide-eyed stares. Mauricio and Misty May had no reaction. I know the latter two shared in the water drained from the canned tuna. Maybe that was so long ago, they’ve forgotten. And I suspect the former two, only being two-and-a-half years old, never had this treat. I’ll be darned if I remember!


Chubby tabby and white cat lying on its back.

Skooter prided himself in never missing a meal or a treat.


I am certain if Lily Olivia had been present, she would have had her nose in each can to see if anything she liked was being dished up.

So…the response to the electric can opener is neither instinctual nor inbred. Not a huge observation but good to know. I won’t be able to use the can opener on the front porch trick to entice any of the current brood to come in the house as I did with Skooter!

Update 1/03/2023: All the stinky goodness food cans now have pop tops, as do most other cans. The sound of the electric can opener means nothing to the current Kitties Blue crew.