Mom tries to protect me from the intruder.

Mom tries to protect me from the intruder.

Can you see how frightened I look? The humans had a houseguest this weekend. She stayed for two nights. I don’t like strangers in my house. They said she wasn’t a stranger and that she had stayed here before in 1995. But I’d never met her as that was way before I was born. It wasn’t even in this century!

I’m particularly miffed at my humans. They didn’t have the courtesy to tell us she was coming. I guess we should have expected something unusual was going to occur. Mom had been spending bunches of time in the guest room with the door closed. The only other time she was in there that much was after she broke her leg. And then she let us come in with her.

Anyway, they said her name was Kathy. Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy her being here, but her visit was way too long for me. I wouldn’t have come in the house if I could have gotten my meals on the deck.

Of course, some of my housemates were all over her trying to get some extra attention and affection. Even Lily Olivia was being friendly. And Astrid sat outside her door after she went to bed. I don’t understand them acting so needy. It’s not as if we don’t get lots of lovies from our very own humans.

I don’t even like it when Chris, who cleans up after us, comes to the house every other week. If I’m not already outside when she gets here, I will hide under the bed or in Dad’s closet until she’s gone. I know she is our local catnip pusher distributor, but I am still afraid of her. She brings out that big growly machine, moves our things around and touches our toys.

Mom says I am just like their previous short-haired, grey cat, Louise. She was afraid of everything. She even hid in a neighbor’s basement for two whole weeks after she went there to avoid some workmen who had disturbed her bird watching.

At least everything is back to normal now. But I know Chris comes again on Wednesday. The weather better be nice enough for me to spend the day on the deck.

Purrs and hugs, Fiona