Shop Cats of New York


shopcatsThis book, written by popular and well-known, cat blogger (, Tamar Arslanian, already has been reviewed by many of our friends. If you’ve missed those reviews, here’s your opportunity to find out a bit about this beautiful book. I guarantee you’ll want to read it and add it to your collection of cat-inspired books.

Many of us are accustomed to running across the occasional cat “managing” a local boutique or shop. But few cities have such a large number of felines gracing the  variety of retail establishments as New York.

In Shop Cats of New York, you’ll meet 36 cats “working” in such establishments as a hotel (the famous Algonquin), hobby and flower shops, a wine store and a distillery, a pharmacy and a bookstore, to name just a few.


shop cats Andrew Marttila

Kettah is the “mascot” at Bleeker Street Records.


Shop Cats of New York features some of the most exquisite photography I have ever seen. Of course, the subject matter makes it almost impossible to take a “bad” photo. Andrew Marttila, the pet photographer from Philadelphia, is masterful in his ability to highlight his furry subjects. The photographer in our family (the kitties’ dad, Tom) was totally impressed by Marttila’s expertise and stunning photos, as was I.

Jack can be found at Wine Heaven in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, resting on his “Jack Lives here” doormat.

If this book only featured Marttila’s exquisite photography, it would be a must “read,” but Arslanian’s polished prose takes it to the next level of excellence, making it a must own.

My only complaint is that a few of the cats were featured only in photographs with no narrative. I wanted to know every detail available about every cat. Fortunately, only a few are missing their biographical information.

If you didn’t receive this must-have book in your Christmas stocking, you can find it at the usual retail booksellers, in stores and on-line.


Shop Cats of New York

Charlie, Smoke Scene, Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan


Disclosure: I received one copy of the book, Shop Cats of New York, from the publisher, Harper Collins, for the purpose of review. All opinions and recommendations are my own.