Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

I wanted to do something special for this very important month, but time slipped away from me as it often does. So, on this last day of the month, all I can do is share a poem. It is based on what I imagine a caged, shelter cat might be thinking. Maybe it will touch your heart enough to adopt a new friend.

Musings of a Shelter Cat

Oh, look at that one. Doesn’t
she look nice? Do you think she’ll
notice me? Maybe she’ll want
to hold me. I’m going to
purr really loud. Maybe she’ll
hear me and come this way. She’s
not taking the bait. Should I
meow? Maybe she likes
talkative cats. No…nothing!
Maybe I should roll around,
show her I like to play. Maybe
she likes active cats. No…
she’s leaving. She didn’t even
look my way. She probably
wants a kitten and thinks I’m
to old to adopt. Oh, look
at that one. He looks nice. I
think he’s a cat man. Prrrr…
© Janet Buickerood Blue
June 29, 2014

Image 4-002And the Winner is…

our furiends, Hannah and Lucy, in the UK. Pretty purrfect…a garden flag with two cats for a two-cat household. I’ll be contacting them via e-mail for their address.

I used to select the winner. Forty-two comments were left on the post, Fabulous Feline Flag Giveaway. Number 28 was the first number selected of the 42 by the random number generator. Hannah and Lucy made that 28th comment.

I wish I had flags for all 42 making comments. Alas, I don’t, but I will plan to offer them again in future giveaways. I hope some of you like them well enough that you will order one or more for yourself or as gifts from AJ’s Pup Pastries.

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We’ll be back day after tomorrow with a new post for Wordless Wednesday featuring everyone’s favorite tortie, Astrid.